Free work outs

Strength and Conditioning   Session 1 Weights 150 Choice Reps 2x(shoulder rss+10 clam shells) 2x(10 dislocations +10 glute raise) 2x NCT A) Clean and Push Press 8×3 (increase resistance) B) Pull ups + Push ups 3x (8+12) C) Split squat 3x(8+8) D)Walking Plank 4×6 Session 2 TRX Circuit (3-5 rounds) 10 squat+row 10 push up 10 T-pull 10 fall out … Read More

Meta4mance Coach Up Program for Swimming Coaches

Are you a swimming coach looking to equip yourself with more knowledge and skills? Are you passionate about swimming, coaching and performance? Do you strive to offer your swimmers the best possible coaching? Do you dream of taking swimmers to their full potential? Well at Meta4mance we are passionate about coaching and coaches.¬† If this appeals to you please read … Read More

Youth Holiday Workouts

Holiday Workouts The holiday season is upon us and it`s an important time to regenerate through spending time with your loved ones. Its also time to indulge and enjoy some of the more decadent things that comes with the Christmas time. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. But… if you feel like you need to … Read More

Strength and Conditioning Program

Strength and conditioning program¬† The following program is a 4 to 6 week basic strength and conditioning program. Session 1 and 2 should have 48 hours of recovery time between and session 3 and 4 can be completed on consecutive days. The first 2 sessions require equipment and are mainly designed to improve basic strength.Session 3 and 4 are muscular … Read More

Body and Mind Youth Development Coaching Program

¬†   Meta4mance has developed a program which is specifically designed to help teenagers. We emphasise safe and sustainable personal development by incorporating individual life coaching sessions and mental training into the health and fitness program. At Meta4mance we believe that through the combination of coaching principles learnt in High Performance Sport and Life coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming , scientific methods … Read More

Nutrition Made Simple

Diets and nutrition strategies have become more and more advanced in recent years, up to the point of being overly complicated and difficult to understand and follow. Very often nutritional science contradicts itself (e.g. Carbs went from being good to the enemy almost overnight). Our viewpoint is to not see food as either good or bad but rather to see … Read More


WHY ANTIOXIDANTS? Antioxidants are, without a doubt, an essential part of optimal health. Even conventional Western physicians now acknowledge the significance of getting sufficient antioxidants from your diet or taking high-quality antioxidant supplements. But do you know how antioxidants function in your body and what types you need? I have compiled all the basic facts about antioxidants to broaden your … Read More


Macronutrients vs. Micronutrients? What are we talking about? Simply put, macronutrients are the sources of food that we need in large quantities to provide energy for daily tasks and physical activities. They are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Micronutrients are nutrients we need in small quantities to orchestrate a wide variety of physiological functions. They include vitamins and minerals. Why do … Read More