The Edge in Everything : Upgrading your hardware and software

So you are a gamer. You are skilled, dedicated and committed to making it big. You want to make a career out of it? What is your strategy to achieve that goal? What specifically do you need to do to get to that ultimate version of yourself? How could you personalise strategies that other successful people have used, in your … Read More

How to get into the Zone

-By Emile De Bruin Head coach at Meta4mance What is the optimal state that you need to be in to maximise your performance? Well ideally it is when you are able to direct all your energy and focus on to a single subject. “One thing at a time” It’s a fallacy that people are capable of multi-tasking. We are not … Read More

ERG!!!I don’t know what I want

By Emile De Bruin (Head Coach Meta4mance) In 1943 Abraham Maslow proposed the most famous model that relates to human needs. We know it as Maslows hierarchy of needs. The theory is based on the principal that people will evolve through various stages, in sequence. So when a need is met, we progress to the next level. These levels are … Read More

Diamonds or Dirt- What are you finding in your life?

By Emile De Bruin (Head Coach Meta4mance) If you were a miner, would you measure productivity by the amount of earth you move or by the number of diamonds you find? Resources, we all have them. But the one thing that is certain is that we have a finite amount. Time, is the critical resource that we trade for other … Read More

Forget your “WHY” – Do this instead!

By Emile De Bruin (Head Coach Meta4mance) The word “why” is not a precision word. It’s creates resistance and ambiguity. When using the word, the answer you get is often vague and frustrating. For example: Why are you late? Seems straight forward doesn’t it? But it implies a whole lot more below the surface. It might be taken with a … Read More

The 1mm Rule for massive rewards

By Emile De Bruin (Head Coach Meta4mance) Let’s use a a sport analogy to illustrate how close you actually are to having massive rewards in your life. Golf… You line up your shot. The pin (target) is 300m away. Imagine that at the point of impact, when the club face strikes the ball, that the angle of the club face … Read More

How maps shape your mind and life.

By Emile De Bruin (Head Coach Meta4mance) Technology has made navigation so easy. You enter your destination and that posh British lady tells you exactly where to go. I remember doing mapwork in geography at school and how a lot of the skill was in balancing the map (that was bigger than the desk), the workbook, your protractor and ruler … Read More

How doing less can get you more.

By Emile De Bruin (Head Coach Meta4mance) Tim Ferris, author of the best-selling ” The 4 Hour Work Week” and “The 4 Hour Body” speaks about a concept he calls the “Minimum Effective Dose” or MED. In a nutshell, to get water to boil, the temperature of the water needs to reach 100 degrees Celsius. Once the water gets to … Read More

Thank your ancestors for your fear of failure.

By Emile De Bruin (Head Coach Meta4mance) “In our evolutionary past, this was even more the case. One stupid mistake and you were dead. Everything could lead to our rapid departure from the game of life- carelessness on the hunt, an inflamed tendon, exclusion from the group and so on. People who were reckless or gung-ho died before they could … Read More

Nailed it! Did you really?

“If your only tool is a hammer, all your problems will be nails” – Mark Twain A wife has been married to her husband for 30 years. Together they have 2 children, one is a successful doctor and the other an artist. On the eve of her 53rd birthday the wife hands her husband divorce papers. A few months later … Read More