You like us, understand the value of people in your business and that by investing in them it benefits all.

At Meta4mance we are about “The Metamorphosis into Performance” by:

1. Putting the person first so that they can excel in any environment.(The person’s needs from a physical and mental/emotional perspective)
2. Using the correct tools ( in our case, High Performance Sport coaching methods and Neuro Linguistic Programming/ NLP )
3. And changing and empowering the key role players in environment (Corporate culture, Corporate Wellness Management (CWM) with leadership and staff)

As such please see below how we can implement effective strategies at your company TO OPTIMISE YOUR STAFF AND GET THEM TO PRODUCE FANTASTIC RESULTS.

Phase 1: Free Impulse Workshop

Topic: Harnessing the power of Focus. Learning and applying strategies to focus energy into performing in your work and life. Understanding your situation and getting into a resourceful state to gain the outcome that you want.

Date and Time: At your convenience (1 hour: 40 min Talk and mental practical and 20min physical stimulation to reduce stress and activate your performance response)
Venue: At your convenience
Cost: Complimentary

We are passionate about improving people and the higher our company goes the more we realise that giving back is vital. As such there are no obligations whatsoever for the session. It`s our gift to you.

Phase 2: Corporate Wellness Program

After you have experienced the physical and mental benefits from just a 1 hour session,imagine how profitable your business will be if we can individualise a solution to suit your company’s exact needs?

The end result of the CHM project will result in you and your staff performing optimally for your business in a wide range of areas.

This is what we can do?

Invest in your staff and let your company reap the rewards!

Where to from here?

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss how you will benefit from what we can do for you and when it would suit you to book the complimentary impulse session.
Book your Free session here now!

P.S. hear what Olympic Champions say about us!

If you would like to see what some of the specific skills you will gain are, and how you will benefit, read on.

Focus areas for the Body upgrade:

  • Stress release
  • Neural Stimulation techniques to boost energy and focus
  • Healthy and Fit Body (your hardware).

Focus areas for the Individual Mind Upgrade Program:

  • Individualised, one on one based sessions with your staff at your offices, to empower their minds and boost their performance.
  • Productive, resilient and resourceful mind (your software).

Focus Areas for the Group Professional Skills Upgrade Program

  • Workshop series based on NLP (Neuro-linguistic-programming) principles including role play, practical exercises and handout material for each module
  • We will train groups of up to 16 people at a time

1. MODULE 1:
 Basics about NLP coaching
 Self-management starts with your self-concept
 What is your inner dialogue
 1mm rule for change
 Body and mind is systemic
 We cannot not communicate!

2. MODULE 2:
 What can NLP- Mental coaching do for you?
 What Performers need to know
 Motivation

3. MODULE 3:
 RAS- Reticular Activation System
 Physiology
 Communication magic
 Convincer Patterns & Meta language
 How to handle objections & rejections and “Pace and Lead”

4. MODULE 4:
 Helping others to accept themselves for who they are
 NLP-Parts Party process exercise
 When things get difficult in a one-on-one session/ conversation

5. MODULE 5:
 Where does motivation come from?
 What are your drivers? – Your WHY
 We see the world through our own glasses:
 How does that make us unique and different?
 Our Values/ core belief system are our strongest motivators
 How to find a starting point when circumstances are overwhelming?

6. MODULE 6:
 How to manage your time
o Which techniques can help to keep on track
 How to manage your energy
 Living a balanced and healthy life – What does that mean?
 How to deal with performance anxiety?

7. MODULE 7:
 Goal setting principles
 What are towards and avoidance goals?
 How to set smart goals?
 Don’t be a chaser – be and achiever
 How to deal with setbacks and disappointment
 What meaning do I attach to it?
 There is no failure only feedback!
 7 deadly enemies of your goals
 How to manage un-resourceful feelings like fear or anger?

8. MODULE 8:
 Understanding the human mind better
o Meta programs
o Chunking
 How to find out: What do I want to do with my life?

9. MODULE 9:
 Understanding how to disrupt negative emotional states & self-talk
o Break states
o Sub modalities
 The power of visualisation
o How to keep on track with your goals?

10. MODULE 10:
 Response to criticism
 How to acquire a new skill that you always wanted to take ownership of? For example I would like to be more confident, funny, organised, a better athlete

11. MODULE 11:
 Reframing (the power of perspective)
 Change your focus towards all the resources you have

12. MODULE 12:
 What is the difference between changing and improving
 Empowering questions (creating a safety net for the future)
 Which empowering and disempowering beliefs do you have about yourself?

Combining the principles learned from coaching Olympic and world class swimmers with sport science, business management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and life coaching, the foundations of Meta4mance coaching is rooted in helping people improve their performance by looking at clients lives from an holistic viewpoint.

We specialise in helping you produce results.

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