What is the Project?

In a word, YOU!

Can you imagine what you would feel if you had a body and mind that allowed you to live your dreams? Can you see the best version of yourself standing in front of the mirror and commanding respect and confidence! How differently would people respond to you? How you would live the benefit?

We have taken the methods that have assisted World Champions and built a systemized solution for you. We have combined sport and exercise science, coaching, neuroscience and more to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Start your journey by making the decision to love yourself

Try a session for free and when you decide to join R500 per month gets you membership to the Project.
  • For under R50 per session you get 3 fitness sessions per week with world champion coach, Emile De Bruin
  • Hear what People are saying about us!
  • Access to our private gym in Lynnwood, Pretoria
  • Holistic Coaching tips and wellness advice
  • Mental Coaching and NLP advice
  • Massive discounts to specialized and individualized nutrition and diet plans, body assesment and evaluations.
  • Huge savings when you start our unique and exclusive NLP mental coaching program.

You did read this correctly… Only R500 per month for world class professional fitness, mental and wellness coaching.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to boost their fitness and health so that they can enjoy and embrace life.

  • People who are looking to get in shape and lose weight and gain health
  • Parents looking to do something for themselves so that they can be mentally and physically strong.
  • Athletes that are looking to add strength and conditioning on to their program
  • It works wonders for sports people who take part in aerobic sports like cycling, trail running, tri-athlon , swimming, that need to add strength and power. Its also designed to help prevent injuries due to overuse in these sports.
  • Teens who need to be physically active.
  • People looking to reduce stress and anxiety.

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How much is it?

So add up what gym membership alone costs then add what instructors would charge. Our program is R2500 more cost effective than that that! Yes, really!

Think what it would cost you if you didn’t do something about your health right now?

How we do it?

We want to create positive change in our communities so that we can all contribute to a building better relationships and in turn, eventually live in a system that works.

Change starts with you and we believe that giving back is important so if you are reading this you receive this free voucher! Simply like our Facebook Page and follow us on Instagram and contact us to arrange a free session for you and your friends!

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Your time is now. Take control now and start liking the person you see in the mirror! Book your free session now.

Change starts with you! Help us realise our dream of being able to use something as straight forward as exercise and wellness to make the difference that we all are waiting for! Contact us now