The 1mm Rule for massive rewards

By Emile De Bruin (Head Coach Meta4mance)

Let’s use a a sport analogy to illustrate how close you actually are to having massive rewards in your life.


You line up your shot. The pin (target) is 300m away. Imagine that at the point of impact, when the club face strikes the ball, that the angle of the club face is off by just 1mm.

How much would that little 1mm mistake cost you down the line? You might be hundreds of metres away from where you intended the ball to land right?

What do you learn from this feedback for next time?

The adjustment required is not to make massive changes down the line. The solution is to fix the 1mm. Start by making that small adjustment right up close to you. The end result will then be far better.

1mm adjustments for you to try this month:
  • Change your avoidance goals to towards goals. (I don’t want to fail this test to I want to pass this test)
  • Adjust your body language from having hunched shoulders and looking down to pushing your shoulders back and looking forward.
  • Start a gratitude journal where every night before you sleep you write down three things that you are grateful for happening that day.
  • Make better food choices. Did you know that your will power to get things done is directly affected by your glycogen levels? The more depleted the energy levels in your body are the lower your will power will become and the less productive you will be. You will also be more likely to be negatively affected by stress. Have you ever been “hangry” (hungry + angry)? learn to apply better food choices by clicking here.
  • Get moving, get fit, get strong and increase your physical capacity. Let’s say you are playing with your children in the garden. Lifting your child will require you to delve in to your strength reserve. An unfit person might need to use up to 90 per cent of their strength capacity to play. Leaving you pretty close to depletion (10 per cent away). The stronger you get the lower your output will need to be and where you may have been operating at 90 per cent before, now you are operating at 50 per cent (leaving you with much more fuel in your tank): see how MyMeta4manceProject will solve this problem for you.

Enjoy the important things in life.

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