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By Emile De Bruin (Head Coach Meta4mance)

In 1943 Abraham Maslow proposed the most famous model that relates to human needs. We know it as Maslows hierarchy of needs. The theory is based on the principal that people will evolve through various stages, in sequence. So when a need is met, we progress to the next level. These levels are physiology,safety, belonginness/love, esteem and self-actualization, with physiological being the lowest and self-actualization being the highest.

Clayton Alderfer presented a simpler model which he called “ERG theory”.




When we have the basics to survive (food and water, shelter, clothes etc) we look for friends and partners and then on to improving our skills and talents in the areas that we are interested in.

Across most of the models, essentially we are driven by a desire to :

  1. Obtain and acquire physical things (like a home) as well as intangible attributes like respect and appreciation.
  2. Connect with others by building relationships
  3. Expand knowledge and to learn
  4. Protect our selves, our loved ones and the things we hold dear (once again our physical things and also intangible things like our values, culture and beliefs.)
  5. Be stimulated and experience emotional pleasure.

In each of the above drivers there is a hidden influencer; status.

We are intensely and often unknowingly influenced by the need to measure our social standing against others as well as what others think about us. When the chance to improve our status comes along we will react significantly and mostly choose the option that presents the highest status gain.

Social media feeds this drive.

The need for status is an inherent human trait and is not always a bad thing and has lead us as humans to achieve groundbreaking success. Sometimes the motivation to prove someone wrong outweighs the drive to only enhance our selves.

Just don’t let status blindly influence you without you fully understanding the facts about your reality. Maybe you don’t have the financial reserves to afford that house or car. Or maybe you don’t need to join that sport club just because that’s what others tell you is the best. Best for who? You? Them?

Let status motivate you but not define you!

Does being an Olympian or CEO line up with YOUR core value system? Or is this someone else’s value? Does achieving that make or break you as a person? Do you place your entire self-worth on what you do?

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