Nutrition 101: Macros and Micros

So in our previous post( Read it here ) we discussed the role that food plays. Builders, Providers and boosters make up what we call: macro nutrients and micro nutrients. “Performing well requires careful planning to ensure your body gets the right stuff!” What are macro and micro nutrients? Macro number 1: Protein Macro number 2: Carbohydrates A carbohydrate portion … Read More

Teach me to fail- an honest account from a Coach

So you train 5, 6 or 7 times per week, maybe more? You make sure your body is in peak condition. You eat well and you go to the gym. You invest your time; money and effort into your quest to stand on top of the podium .You want to be a champion. That’s fantastic. But how often do you … Read More

Meta4mance Coach Up Program for Swimming Coaches

Are you a swimming coach looking to equip yourself with more knowledge and skills? Are you passionate about swimming, coaching and performance? Do you strive to offer your swimmers the best possible coaching? Do you dream of taking swimmers to their full potential? Well at Meta4mance we are passionate about coaching and coaches. If this appeals to you please read … Read More