If you are a concerned and caring parent, guardian or teacher you need to read this!

“A Bloomberg study revealed that South Africa is the second most-stressed country in the world.
South African research found that 23.6% of teens are struggling with feelings of hopelessness and sadness.”

Imagine an environment where our youth could flourish and display the wide variety of talent and skills that they have. Where their voices can be heard and where they can become future leaders. Imagine what they could achieve.

What if there was a way to help teenagers become productive, happy and resilient?

Imagine a system that would equally assist both the dux scholar and student that struggles. What if they would gain skills to assist them in all areas of their lives (academic, social, sport,career)?

Who would reap the rewards of such a program?

  • Sports People who aren`t actively training their minds and conducting proper strength and conditioning
  • Those going through problematic life changes
  • Young people requiring role models and guidance
  • Those not involved in sport but would like to be more active, have a positive social environment or be involved in a sport-like program without the extreme competitive environment and pressures.

Research shows that stressors range from school to friends, family, sport and societal expectations and teens aren’t always using healthy methods to cope.

  • 27% say they eat to manage stress;
  • 62% manage stress with screen time: 42% go online; 42% watch two or more hours of TV or movies a day; 21% play video games.

Findings suggest that unhealthy behaviours associated with stress may start early and continue through adulthood.

With 21% of adults reporting “extreme” stress levels, the survey says that with teens “mirroring adults’ high-stress lives” they are “potentially setting themselves up for a future of chronic stress and chronic illness.”

This research emphasises how important it is for parents teachers and coaches to be great examples to their children. If you are a parent suffering from stress, anxiety and performance pressure see 7 Weeks to a stress free mind or MyMeta4manceProject.

If you are a coach , teacher or instructor, do yourself a favour and read I am a custodian of human development

But this post is about the youngsters so would it not be invaluable to set healthy foundations and habits at an early age?

Well if you are reading this I am here to tell you that there is a program that does exactly that. It’s called MyMeta4manceProject:Youth

I am confident that it will help your child realise their full potential, build self-confidence, motivation, discipline and a balanced lifestyle to become the success story you will be proud of.

By combining the principles learned from coaching Olympic and world class athletes with sport science, business management, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and mental coaching, the foundations of Meta4mance coaching is rooted in helping people improve their performance by looking at clients lives from a holistic viewpoint.

We emphasise safe and sustainable personal development by incorporating individual mental coaching sessions and movement training.

How we do it with MyMeta4manceProject:Youth

  • Weekly movement and activity coaching sessions in our private gym to improve physical performance
  • Monthly Mental coaching sessions to equip you with tools to boost all facets of your life
  • Positive social interaction with role models and mentors
  • Brain profile to help understand who you are
  • Advice on eating well
  • And much more

My Meta4mance Project will assist in building:

  • Self-confidence, motivation, discipline and a balanced lifestyle.
  • Improve Personal Performance
  • Manage problematic life changes
  • Improve physical strength in a scientific and safe way
  • Build social skills in a group environment
  • Learn skills and techniques to improve performance anxiety (exams, public speaking, sport competitions)

    BY NOW, you can tell what we are about but See what South African Olympic champion Cameron Van Der Burgh has to say about Meta4mance Coaching and teenagers just like yours have gained!

    Then find out how we can help you develop a healthy mind and body and set your child up with skills that will help them in their future! Click on any of the images to contact me.

    Yours in body and mind wellness,

    Your sincerely and personally

    Emile De Bruin, Head coach Meta4mance