The Edge in Everything : Upgrading your hardware and software

So you are a gamer. You are skilled, dedicated and committed to making it big. You want to make a career out of it? What is your strategy to achieve that goal? What specifically do you need to do to get to that ultimate version of yourself? How could you personalise strategies that other successful people have used, in your … Read More


“Most food has travelled hundreds of kilometres, processed, packaged and frozen before it even gets into your kitchen. “ Studies have proven that the nutrient density of food has decreased substantially over the last 50 years. In fact, the micro nutrients that your grandparents were able to obtain from eating 3 or 4 peices of fruit a couple of decades … Read More

Nutrition 101: Tips for everyday people

In this final installment of basic nutrition, we put the previous posts into practise that you can now apply everyday. Be sure to tell your family and friends about how much you love the Meta4manceProject so that they can also benefit. These nutritional solutions brought to you by:

Nutrition 101: Hydration

In this series so far,the roles of food, Macro and Micro nutrition and energy balance were discussed. But what about that glass of water that accompanies your meal? This post is all about hydration for swimmers but would also apply to any active person. “Swimmers should not make the mistake of thinking that because they exercise in water that fluid … Read More

Nutrition 101: Energy Balance

“How much is enough?” Ok, we started off by speaking about the role that food plays and then macro and micro nutrition. (If you have not yet read the first 2 posts in Nutrition 101, we suggest you check them out before you proceed) Next we will disuss how much food intake is required for you. “When it comes down … Read More

Nutrition 101: Macros and Micros

So in our previous post( Read it here ) we discussed the role that food plays. Builders, Providers and boosters make up what we call: macro nutrients and micro nutrients. “Performing well requires careful planning to ensure your body gets the right stuff!” What are macro and micro nutrients? Macro number 1: Protein Macro number 2: Carbohydrates A carbohydrate portion … Read More

Nutrition 101: Functions of food. Builders, Providers, and Boosters

As a coach and strength and conditioning instructor, I often get asked about nutrition. What should I be eating? And although the answer is complex, eating correctly shouldn’t be challenging. South African Junior Biathle athlete focussing on improving his strength and anaerobic capacity At Meta4mance we believe in coaching methods to give people a bigger and better toolbox (to then … Read More

Nutrition Made Simple

Diets and nutrition strategies have become more and more advanced in recent years, up to the point of being overly complicated and difficult to understand and follow. Very often nutritional science contradicts itself (e.g. Carbs went from being good to the enemy almost overnight). Our viewpoint is to not see food as either good or bad but rather to see … Read More


WHY ANTIOXIDANTS? Antioxidants are, without a doubt, an essential part of optimal health. Even conventional Western physicians now acknowledge the significance of getting sufficient antioxidants from your diet or taking high-quality antioxidant supplements. But do you know how antioxidants function in your body and what types you need? I have compiled all the basic facts about antioxidants to broaden your … Read More


Macronutrients vs. Micronutrients? What are we talking about? Simply put, macronutrients are the sources of food that we need in large quantities to provide energy for daily tasks and physical activities. They are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Micronutrients are nutrients we need in small quantities to orchestrate a wide variety of physiological functions. They include vitamins and minerals. Why do … Read More