Nutrition 101: Energy Balance

“How much is enough?”

Ok, we started off by speaking about the role that food plays and then macro and micro nutrition. (If you have not yet read the first 2 posts in Nutrition 101, we suggest you check them out before you proceed)

The intake of the different macronutrients plays a critical role in determining your optimum energy requirements

Next we will disuss how much food intake is required for you.

Maintaining, gaining or losing weight does really come down to how much food you eat in relation to how much exercise you are doing.

Athletes and active people should plan their dietary requirements according to their training demands.

Carbohydrates are essential to promote fast energy for physical exercise and should not be neglected!

“When it comes down to intense physical activity, there is no denying that carbohydrates play a a significant role.”

Depending on the duration and intensity of your physical activity your body will convert food energy into usable energy using the metabolic conversion systems.

The 3 energy conversion pathways will be used accordingly to deliver energy for what your body needs. Think of it in terms of how you use your money for different purposes.

By now you understand that food builds muscle, provides energy and boosts your immunity and are divided into three macro food groups(carbs, proteins and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals.)

Depending on what you require your body to do, you should up or lower your energy intake.

“As a general rule of thumb: protein should be included in every meal. Then carbs and fats should be varied and contrasted depending on what your energy requirements are.”

Protein should be the consistent macro at every meal. For optimum energy availability, on hard training days the majority of your energy should come from carbohydrates and then fat should make up less of your total energy. On non training days, fats should make up the bulk of your energy intake and carbs should be lowered.

In the next post we will discuss the importance and practical application of proper hydration.

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