Nutrition 101: Functions of food. Builders, Providers, and Boosters

As a coach and strength and conditioning instructor, I often get asked about nutrition. What should I be eating? And although the answer is complex, eating correctly shouldn’t be challenging.

South African Junior Biathle athlete focussing on improving his strength and anaerobic capacity

At Meta4mance we believe in coaching methods to give people a bigger and better toolbox (to then make the decision about what is the best tool to use in different circumstance). So instead of giving out diet plans, rather equip yourself with knowledge.

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The next series of posts will elaborate more.

So let’s take it right back to the real essentials.

What does food do for us?

It’s provides energy right?

We need energy to sustain all our biological processes and to move. Your take home from this article is to understand that essentially food also has 2 other main functions.

To expand a bit more, food can be divided into what our bodies need to get from it:

So for now, start looking at your plate of food differently and ask yourself if your meal will give you the ability to build, provide energy and boost your health.

In the next series of posts we will go deeper into Macro and Micro Nutrition and expand even more.

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