Strength and Conditioning Program

Strength and conditioning program 

The following program is a 4 to 6 week basic strength and conditioning program.

Session 1 and 2 should have 48 hours of recovery time between and session 3 and 4 can be completed on consecutive days.

The first 2 sessions require equipment and are mainly designed to improve basic strength.Session 3 and 4 are muscular endurance and metabolic conditioning type work outs. If you don`t have access to a gym, repeat session 3 and 4 later in the same weak.

The progression column signifies the primary mode of how the set will progress from week to week. So for example, the amount of weight lifted will increase every week, the number of reps will increase from say 6 in week 1 to 10 in week 4, or the number of sets will increase each week.

So keep a log book of each session so that you know how to progress accordingly each week.


Weights Sessions:

Session 1
Warm UpLizard,Couch, BoundProgression
Pre-set3x (6 air squats+Shoulder Rotater set+10 elastic t-pull)Same each week
A)Squats (Back)Warm up 6,4,2 (increase to working weight)Same each week
Main6×4 heavy (2min rest)Increase weight each week
B)6x (6 pull ups+20 Push Ups/10 body weight dips)Increase reps each week
C)Hang Power Clean(technique)Increase weight each week
D)4x (6 supine slam+4 walking plank)add 1  set each week


Session 2
Warm UpPigeon,ham,bound,dragonSame each week
Pre3x(10 pvc good morning+6 yoga push up)Same each week
ABench Presswarm up6,4,2 (increase to working weight)Same each week
main6×3 heavy (2min rest)Increase weight each week
BDeadliftwarm up6,4,2 (increase to working weight)
main6×2 heavyIncrease weight each week
CKettlebell swings8×8 (to above head) increase weightIncrease weight each week
DHanging Leg raises4×10add 1  set each week

Body Weight Sessions:

Session 3
Warm upLizard,Bouch, Bound
PRE  3x(6 air squats+Shoulder Rss+10sec towel static t-pull)
A6x(5squat jumps+5 air air squats+5 box jumps)
B6×20 push ups (ladies if needed)
C8x40m hill sprints1min rest
D4x (4walking plank+ 6tuck jumps)


Session 4
Warm UpPigeon,ham,bound,dragon
Pre3x(Towel goodmorning+6 yoga push up)
A6x 8 plyo push ups (clap)
B6×20 walking lunge
C8×30 mountain climbers
D4×15 hitch hikers

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