Rentia’s Story

After my second son was born, I made it my mission to religiously exercise to get fit again… after 3 years of going to the gym 5 days a week doing the fitness classes, a trip to the biokineticist revealed huge imbalances in my muscle groups!! I was heading towards a future of pain and unnecessary suffering. I mean, I thought I was fit… I thought I was strong… but I wasn’t.

I started the MyMeta4Mance project because I wanted to train with someone who really cared about the proper functioning of the muscles and really creating a balance not just ‘to look good’. Someone that is professional and knows what he is talking about… I always want to know how the specific exercise will benefit the body, but before I can ask – Emile always gives info on why we do a specific set, what effect it will have. Every session is also different (love diversity!!) – but there are some key movements that we do to measure our progress, which is very encouraging!

We train in a relaxed atmosphere – no judging – just encouragement. With Meta4Mance you have someone that really believes in you and if you listen carefully you might also catch a few tips on how to strengen your thoughts and how to positively train your mind! We also never leave there without cracking a joke or 2 – it’s like family and it’s fun.

I can only speak from my experience… and the difference I feel is something that cannot be described, it must be felt for yourself!

You seriously don’t know what you are missing, living in a strong capable body – and you know what: you can have so much more positive impact on the people around you if you take care of yourself on a physical and mental level!

I mean… who has time to work out their own training program to the standards of a sports scientist? Making sure all muscle groups are exercised in different degrees and at different paces etc. And then of course it’s really affordable because the Meta4mance team really cares about helping peope live healthier, happier stronger lives and making it accessible to as many people as possible.

I am excited to see my progress and I know I am setting myself up for a stronger less painfull future full of fun activities running, cycling, climbing, playing with my two busy boys. I feel more confident and you know what… I’ve never looked better.

-Rentia Lombard, supermom to two energetic boys, and health enthusiast.

Stop surviving and start living now!

#MyMeta4manceProject will get you away from pain and frustration and towards health and happiness!

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