So by now you know that you have to take care of your body. You have already started training on MyMeta4manceProject but you realise that:

  • You don’t really know what to eat
  • Your diet doesn’t align with your goal (weight loss, muscle gain, endurance capacity, performance or even maintenance)
  • You don’t have anyone to keep you accountable and check up on you.

So why not get coached to get the solution that you seek?Our diet coaching program will:

  • Highlight exactly what you should be eating
  • Program exactly how much you should be eating based on your goal
  • Ensure that you stay on track.

“Your body has performance requirements, so ensure that your strategy will give you the results you seek.”

Meta4mance Nutrional Coaching is a value added service for MyMeta4manceProject members. So if you are not yet a member sign up here!

The Nutritional Coaching program includes:

  1. Initial Consultation and goal setting session
  2. 1 month nutrition plan based on your individual goals and requirements
  3. Weekly check in with coach to help you remain on track
  4. Evaluation and feedback session at the end of the month.

This monthly program is available to members for R1200

The time to get the body you want starts now. Don’t delay and Get going now!

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