Our aim is to manage Meta4mance Coaching in an ecological and resources friendly manner. We dedicate our energy to accomplish a positive and healthy work environment to support the development of potential and knowledge. This aligns with our model of ongoing knowledge management to our team and clients.
One way of living up to this vision is by sharing our methodologies.
We have established programs and offer services where we educate and coach individuals and groups to take their performances to a higher level. This part of passing on knowledge and guidance is a fundamental component of our company vision. Our services are individually packaged to every clients needs, whether it is for a scholar, student, athlete (including eAthletes)or working professionals or for groups like schools, non-profit organisations, sports clubs or businesses . Meta4mance incorporates body and mind management with the focus of building our clients capability in an holistic way.

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What we do


Our focus lies in providing long-term measurements to our clients which leads them to achieve their goals and an improvement in their life quality ‘The metamorphosis into performance’. We aim for living up to this mission by offering 4 key pillars to a comprehensive coaching approach: Physical enhancement, Mental Coaching, Technical Training and Management.
Our portfolio consists of Coaching, Mentoring, Instruction, Lecturing and one-on-one Consultation to provide individual products.

We pursue the goal of a corporate culture with a strong team-spirit. The promotion of long-term relationships to all stake holders is as important to us as upholding a positive work atmosphere. We place specific emphasis on sharing the following values:


How we do it

Meta4mance Coaching Pty Ltd has established a business model based on 4 pillars in order to target our strategy of sustainable growth, through our position in the competitive fitness and life coaching sector.