Cameron van der Burgh

I truly enjoyed my two years training with Emile. One of the most collaborative coaches I`ve been with. It was a pleasure to plan the sessions together and share the vision of what we wanted to achieve. Input from Emile was always insightful and well researched with substance allowing me peace of mind that what we were doing was always moving me in the right direction. Together in 2016 we rose to the top of the world when we won a World Championship titlein Windsor in the 50m Breaststroke.

Emile’s search for human performance transcends just physical ability and goes into how one can achieve their true potential with the mind. I enjoyed many discussions around his studies and findings in NLP and applied many principles in my own life creating a 360 degree approach towards performance.

Thank you Emile for the countless hours spent getting the best out of me. We took on the world and won!

Cameron van der Burgh

Cameron and Emile at the World Champs

Emile with his two athletes: gold medalist ( Cameron) and 5th placed finalist (Guilio Zorzi )

Emily Gray

My name is Emily Gray, I am a three time Paralympic swimmer, cancer survivor and motivational speaker. I am proud to write this letter of recommendation for Emile De Bruin as an exceptional holistic and wellness coach.

When I was 11years old I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. The tumor was very aggressive and continued to grow despite having chemotherapy. I eventually underwent a lifesaving surgery to amputate my left leg.Once I was in remission I began swimming competitively which lead me to my first Paralympic Games in Beijing 2008 when I was 16 years old. Four years later I competed in my second Paralympic Games in London, 2012. However, after the games in London I struggled with intense lower back pain due to a neuroma that was forming as a result of my amputation. After surgery I was forced to stop swimming competitively and drastically reduce the intensity of my training. This was an extremely difficult time for me as I felt like I was facing a premature ending to my swimming career.

I then heard of Emile, and his unique style of coaching. My motivation and self-esteem was low and my goal of competing in my 3rd Paralympics felt like it was slipping through my fingers due to my yearlong injury. It took a great amount of patience and planning to finally get back to my state of fitness pre-injury, but with the guidance of Emile I was able to qualify and complete in my 3rd Games in Rio de Janeiro, and was my best Paralympic performance yet. I was able to finally break a long standing record in the 100m backstroke and was a finalist in the 400m freestyle. Emile showed me a coaching style I had never came across before and was the first coach to introduce NLP into my training program. His knowledge, understanding and concern for the athlete as a whole is unparalleled. Instead of simply focusing on the stop watch or quantity of milage. Emile shows concern for the psychological and physiological wellness of the athlete. From looking at the cellular level to the physical and mental level of preparation and performance. I always felt confident in Emile’s opinion as he never stopped expanding his knowledge and understanding on performance.

I am proud to have worked with Emile and would highly recommend Emile, Jessica and Meta4mance to anyone who needs effective coaching, support and guidance.

Sincerely yours,

Emily Gray

Emily Gray, 3 time Paralympian and cancer survivor


Sport For Social Change Network

“The SSCN has had a good working relationship with the Meta4Mance team over the past 2 years. Our first engagement with Jessica and Emile was at a workshop organised by the European Union in 2015. The work and methodology that Meta4Mance is using to transform athletes and bring about social change for good is something I personally support. Through their comprehensive coaching approach: Physical enhancement, Mental Coaching, Technical Training and Management they manage to impact the lives of many coaches, development practitioners and athletes to excel at the highest level.


As the Sport for Social Change Network (SSCN) Southern Africa, we were fortunate to use the Meta4Mance team to assist us in developing a manual (toolkit) tailored to impact our sector of Sport for Development and Peace where NGO and stakeholders in our sector use the vehicle of sport and active recreation to bring about change for good. Jessica and her team under the guidance of the SSCN help put together a comprehensive toolkit that is aimed at addressing challenges we as South Africans face covering the following thematic areas,

  1. Healthy Mind/ Body
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Social Cohesion
  4. Nation Building.

Our experience working with the Meta4Mance team was one of professionalism, honesty and dedication. We are excited about the toolkit and what it could offer beneficiaries looking at it impact. We have no doubt that the implementation of the Toolkit will be beneficial to many organizations in our Network and their beneficiaries. The SSCN wishes to thank Meta4Mance for their timeless unwavering support and professionalism in assisting us developing this great resource”


Alison and Kyle

Tribute and Thanks to Meta4mance

3 months ago I had a 14 year son who in less than a year, had totally broken down, was constantly ill and depressed. He had lost his passion for swimming plus his belief in himself. Emile and Jess de Bruin at Meta4mance were recommended to me to help my young swimmer. The transformation in Kyle has been phenomenal and results were almost immediate. Jess is highly regarded as a mental coach and her deep commitment to Kyle has made a huge impact in his life. His newfound confidence and well being has transformed him into a happy and satisfied child who has learned so much about himself. He has proven that he can confidently ‘roll with the punches.’ Emile and Christine who coach Kyle with their gym and physical health programme, have been so patient and inspiring in pushing him past his boundaries and have shown him that his physical abilities are way more than he ever believed possible. The programme is an all round structured development plan which includes understanding of the physical and mental aspects and includes brain profiling as well as analysis of nutritional needs and possible deficiencies.

I am more than satisfied with Kyle’s progress and can highly recommend the team for all round wellness


Ryan and Janine

3 years ago Ryan was looking for a new swimming coach as he was looking at getting back into competitive swimming and he wanted to train with a team that had similar goals. After a year out of the pool it was going to be hard work and dedication from his side. Competition is not only physical training it is mental preparation too, is it possible to get both at the same time?


Watching the team at the last champs I know that Ryan definitely got so much more he was looking for. The team I saw was drawn together by the support of each other and the support they get from Emile. They had trained for this for weeks and they were ready. Emile was dedicated to each of his swimmers, sitting watching from the stands, mentally preparing each one for their race and then supporting each swimmer by highlighting not only the good points, but the ones that needed some work too. Team spirits were genuine and this comes from a good leader, a great coach.


Emile not only gets the swimmers best results through hard physical work in the pool and gym, it takes the correct guidance through the difficult mental times to get anyone to perform at their best and know that the goals that they are working towards are possible. The youngsters are at the prime of their lives and unlike the fairy tales we grow up listening to, life is tough out there. The knocks they get in the world, they are definitely not always equipped to handle. We have had first-hand experience with how Emile was able to help Ryan focus on what was important and how he could stay focused even when the walls seems to be closing in on him. This is the type of coach I believe an athlete needs because he is the person that can help an athlete to balance their lives.


My question was can you get both physical and mental training at the same time …. Through the Meta4Mance Coaching it is possible and it will bring results, not only on the goals the athlete sets themselves in the sport they take part in, but in life where they need the guidance the most.


Thank you Emile for being there for Ryan and also for us as his parents, we can rest assured that he is in good hands and through his relationship with you he can go into the world prepared for the ups and downs. Good luck for 2018, hoping that it is a great year for your business and all the swimmers